Beyond the Protestant ethic: Public choice and the origins of Dutch frugality

By Bram Mellink and Merijn Oudenampsen Now that the first wave of the corona epidemic is slowly dying down, an economic crisis of historic proportions is making itself felt. On the European continent, the crisis has rekindled old tensions between the north and the south. The dominant European crisis narrative depicts it as a confrontation […]

Programme conference ‘De zichtbare hand’

Congresprogramma De Zichtbare Hand Publiekslezing woensdag 28 augustus, debatcentrum De Balie in Amsterdam Voorafgaand aan het congres vindt op woensdagavond in debatcentrum De Balie de debatavond ‘Zin en onzin van marktwerking’ plaats, met bijdragen van Ewald Engelen, Sander Heijne, Mirjam de Rijk en Tineke Netelenbos. Nadere informatie hierover volgt. Kaartverkoop via Congresprogramma donderdag 29 augustus […]

The responsible society. On neoliberalism and Christian social thought

‘Is there a greater tragedy imaginable than that in our endeavor (…) we should in fact unwittingly produce the very opposite of what we have been striving for?’ 1  The neoliberal political theorist Friedrich Hayek wrote these words in 1944, but we may still consider them when looking at the state of neoliberalism research today. In […]

‘The bureaucrats have come up with the solutions, and then it is our turn’

On the Dutch depolitized paradigm shift of the 1980’s. Presentation at IIPE conference in Pula, Croatia, september 2018, by Merijn Oudenampsen. In 1984, Time Magazine portrayed Lubbers as Ruud ‘Shock’, supposedly tougher than the Iron Lady. The article featured a reverential quote by Margaret Thatcher on a state visit in the Netherlands: ‘Mr. Lubbers, are you really […]